Tracks - 7th APCRSHR

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Track 1.1 Overview of the SRHR performance including good practices, lessons learned,   challenges and future directions (beyond 2015)  for diverse groups and social settings in addressing  the ICPD-POA and in meeting the MDGs and other related commitments

Track 1.2 Review and analysis of SRHR performance of the sub-regions (Foci: MDG, ICPD- POA)   

  1.1 East Asia
  1.2 South Asia
  1.3 Southeast Asia (including the Mekong countries)
  1.4 Pacific and Oceania

Track 2: Good SRHR practices in formal and informal health systems (focus on the six pillars—governance, health facilities, health financing, human resources, regulations and health information) issues and challenges;

Good SRHR practices of different RH elements

  2.1 Maternal, neonatal child health & nutrition (MNCHN)
  2.2 FP
  2.3 ARH and the girl child
  2.4 STI, HIV & AIDS
  2.5 RH cancers
  2.6 Post abortion care
 2.7 Violence against women

Other good practices in SRHR

  2.8 Male involvement
 2.9 Integrated approach for SRHR information and service delivery
  2.10 Reproductive mental health
  2.11 SRHR and sustainable development (economic and environment)
  2.12 SRHR and food security
  2.13 SRHR and non-communicable diseases
  2.14 SRHR and infectious diseases (malaria, TB, etc.)
  2.15 Interfaith partnerships
  2.16 Religious leaders partnering with health, parliamentarians, government officials and civil society           
  2.17 Social media
  2.18 SRHR Education

Track 3: Sexual and reproductive rights in ‘ordinary’ or non-crisis settings and during humanitarian response: Good practices, issues and challenges.

  3.1 Adolescents and youth
 3.2 Elderly
 3.3 Indigenous people (IP)
 3.4 LGBTI
 3.5 Migrant workers
 3.6 Differently-abled people
 3.7 Women seeking safe abortion services
 3.8 Women in prostitution
 3.9 People who inject drugs (PWID)
 3.10 People living with HIV & AIDS (PLHA)
  3.11 Internally displaced populations (IDP)

Track 4: Emerging and re-emerging issues, challenges and prospects beyond 2015

  4.1 Revitalizing FP and RH programs
  4.2 SRHR and Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)
  4.3 Urbanization and SRHR
  4.4 South-South Cooperation in SRH, FP and gender mainstreaming
  4.5 Strengthening alliances and networks
  4.6 Social media/new communication technology

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